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FAQ Page

Animations by requests and commissions.

I don’t do animations for requests and commissions.

Animations with a specific character you like.

I do not make my own 3d models all models belong to their authors. They’re not mine. All models I take from
When someone asks for a character as a minimum you need to see if it is in the public domain.
But even if it is there.
I do not make animations on requests and commissions.
Sometimes I do polls on my subscription pages. But they are very rarely in the format of propose your character and I will make animation with him if the majority of subscribers will vote for him. Often I just focus on my own desires.

What’s wrong with your English?!

Alas .. I have problems with English. I think it’s quite bad. And I try to improve my knowledge in it. I hope I can do it in the near future.

Where can I find out about the upcoming project?

All information about my work I will post om my socal networks and here, for more information you can get on Patreon and Subscribestar.

What will the next animation be?

I don’t know. I don’t plan animations on future. Since I make long animations. While I will make one animation my desires and moods will have time to coordinately change. Therefore, I choose the animation of the fact when I finished with one animation and I am in the active search for a new animation or heroine. Subscribestar.