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[POLL] Voting for the next animation on my subscription pages

HI folks! I’ve started the voting process on my subscription pages. I plan to make the next animation about 10 minutes duration. Last time I wrote same and the time before that too. And the animations came out at 24 and 19 minutes. But now! I’m sure I can do it. And make it 10 minutes long. That will be the main goal.  

There are 4 characters on the ballot.

Voting will continue until the 8th.


Fantasy animation In a dungeon for a legendary (0.01% chance of loot) [Baldurs Gate 3]

Models: NylAxel Black


Ghislaine Dedoldia [Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation franchise]

Models: Wallimog


Quiet [Metal Gear]

Models: Nextr3d


Sif [God of War]

Models: Femshoptop