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[POLL END][SIF WIN] Next Animation with SIF from God of War!!!!

Voting on the subscription pages has come to an end and the winner is SIf from God of War! :1GP_1162pogslide:

I’m going to improve the body physics and fluids work. So I’m going to start testing all this in parallel with the work on SIF animations. I’m also going to work on the model itself. Specifically on the textures and clothing. Hair. Here is certainly a challenge… Pure pain. Cauldron of hell for animators. A stake with my name on it in the courtyard of Vlad the Impaler. I’m also considering trying to make a new hair with full physics. I think such a mound of hair will overload my system and blow up my computer. But it’s worth a try. It is better to try to solve all problems at once and not to suffer later. In terms of location I already know how everything will look like I just need to collect the scene or even ideally I can find a ready-made solution that just then modernise. In general you can understand that there will be a lot of complex preparatory elements for this animation before I can begin to work on it fully.

Elle, fights, dirty words and equally dirty sex is what I see. Skål! :P_9462pepe8: