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Voting on the subscription pages has come to an end and the winner is Harley Quinn!

The embodiment of sexual chaos is coming and what will she show us!?


I’m sorry I’m not good at keeping my social networks and other sites due to the peculiarity of character.
So here we are. We are now at the sex scenes stage and the heroine is actively

“treating” the protagonist. After a trip through the city, a kidnapping and a shootout in an alley, we got to the hospital where the hero unbeknownst to us how he ended up. And in the same unknown at the moment how he saw her our beauty HQ!
Unlike past animations of this animation I do on the new render engine I do not really own it in contrast to the past but at least try to make the quality of the picture better. Also I immediately do render animations in advance. And I already have ready almost 5-6 minutes of animation.


Okay. I’m will be pretty stumped by the Titsjob scene. I don’t want to go into details, but almost a week can be cut out of my life. I tried to find the problem in the physics of the chest as it did not want to work properly and constantly displayed with errors I started experimenting with the physics parameters but as it turned out the problem was as simple as possible. There was an invisible object that was affecting the physics and just messing it up. Just had to disable it. Pain… But now I know wery good how to work with the physics of clothes and breasts.

Oh and the ball on her clothes. I wish I’d spent 10 seconds of animation to rip it off. Because it’s in the chest area where the Titsjob scene takes place. Its animation and physics were extremely difficult to make fully watchable. )

Ok. Enough of this eight-minute foreplay. Next we’ll have the main hot scenes.


I’m back from a little vacation and can finally start sharing bits and pieces of future Harley Quinn animation.

Why so spontaneously go on vacation with no warning? In a nutshell. I in early January had problems with symluyatsiya physics of the character and the accompanying fatigue all this developed in me a bit of frustration in his work and his strength. And I was partially pulled out of the house for an unplanned trip. I’ve now reassembled a bit and continue to reconstuct my approach to animation creation.


I’ve been away from the computer for a week because I’ve been sick. My fever was through the roof and my lungs are still recovering from the experience. What about HQ. So now I’ve finished a pretty big chunk of the sexy part of the animation. And now I’m going to put our heroine on her back.


We put her on her back and took her breasts! In this scene we’re going to look down on her, but she’s going to take the initiative. Protagonist will be a puppet in the embrace of her powerful thighs. She will also play with her toes in front of us. There will be a few more positions in this pose I’m almost done with everything about this scene and will be moving on to potentially the last scene in the doggystyle pose.


I have about 3 minutes of animation left to do and the animation part of my work will be finished, if I don’t take edits into account. After that I’ll be able to give you an approximate release date.


I hope to finish the animation in May. Not before the middle.


May miss. I still need to prepare a lot of things, so I will be oriented to the next month. I hope to finish by the middle of the month.\


Yeah, so far it looks like I’ll finish the animation around June 14. If nothing happens.


I’m going to delay the release a bit, I have a few more things to do. About a week, maybe less, And after that I think I’ll be able to release the animation. I’m sorry!

Harley Quinn 0



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