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FAQ Page

Who are you and what are you doing?

I’m Dezmall. A beginner adventurer in the world of porn animations. Creating porn animations for me is a kind of leisure and enjoyable time escorting.

What software do you use for animations?

At the moment, I use the Source Filmmaker for my animations. But in the future I plan to also diversify my content beyond this program.

I also use various additional programs. Adobe after effects, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere pro and other soft.

What’s wrong with your English?!

Alas .. I have problems with English. I think it’s quite bad. And I try to improve my knowledge in it. I hope I can do it in the near future.

Where can I find out about the upcoming project?

All information about my work I will post om my socal networks and here, for more information you can get on Patreon.