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Lady D


We continue to dive into the atmosphere of Resident Evil. Next up is Lady D. Now the last villager will have to attend a personal audience with Countess Alcina Dimitrescu in the castle, a place where everyone usually became a snack for its inhabitants, but this time the countess ‘ apetites are beyond her endless hunger.


Well, all the preparations are already behind us. A bunch of different small preliminary elements are completed. In particular, for the first time I assembled rooms on Blender in which the animation will take place(I usually took ready-made rooms.). And now I will finish the intro scenes.One part of the intro was already finished, it remained to make a few scenes and send the daughters for a walk and leave the main character 1×1 with a big mother.


Now Lady D has moved on to action. And she began actively testing her new toy. Preparing her for future challenges.

Lady D 0