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15 minutes in the gentle embrace of Aunt Cass combined with her unforgettable hospitality are available in early access on my Patreon ~HERE~ [4k] A great thanks to BordeauxBlackVA for her wonderful voice! And thanks to Mavixtious and Cheesecake3D for these great models! Public release: End of April. ------------------ Video Preview [4k] (00:44 Min): Twitter Catbox ------------------

Time to start a series of preliminary animations dedicated to Aunt Cass. Aunt Cass began to reanimate all her forgotten skills of youth. Because of the situation in which she found herself, she will have to make some compromises and reveal all the best aspects of her hospitality. Full WIP animation on my Patreon page:

Happy Holidays everyone! 8 minute animation with Daemon-Girl available in early access on my Patreon ~HERE~ [4k] Special thanks to BordeauxBlackVA for her participation in the animation and her beautiful voice! And thanks to RyanReos for this great model! Soon she will come for all of you. Public release in early January ------------------ Video Preview [4k] (00:43 Min): Twitter Catbox ------------------

The day when my Pornhub account and the accounts of other unverified users were blocked. Regarding the reason, you can find more information here. I have a few profiles on other porn sites and maybe I'll make a few more. For me, this does not change anything except that I had to part

Since I didn't have time to prepare the animation for Halloween because of Scarlet, I decided to make a spooky animation with a slightly neutral theme. So the next animation will be a video guide to summon a demon at home. At the moment I am dealing with exposition and testing the model.