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And here we go. Time for a series of preliminary animations dedicated to Lady D. Alcina received her long-awaited toy and began to conduct preliminary tests with it to see if her opponent would withstand the future caresses of big mommy. --------------------- --------------------- Full WIP animation on my Patreon page: Stream/Download Full WIP animation on my Subscribestar

Over the next four days, a vote will be held on Patreon and Subscribestar to choose the next character for animation. One of them will please you in the next animation. Bless all the creators of these wonderful models. Here is the list of candidates: Lady D (i think i will make her more curvy and with less

For now, the render of this animation creates an atmosphere near the volcano vent in my apartment. I will approximately finish the animation in the middle of the month may be a little longer. The animation duration is slightly more than 10 minutes. Soon D-virus will be ready. Full WIP animation(26sec) on my Patreon